Data-Retriever v3.0 ('Hi/Lo') Released! 08 Jul '08

Version 3.0 of the leXso Data-Retriever is now available! Apologies to any users who haven't received a reply to emails over the last 6 months - technical difficulties with web hosting!

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Welcome to leXso, the home of cross-platfrom Exchange Software that allows you to operate with the online betting exchange Betfair, and the Betfair Exchange Games.

Available Products

Version 3.0

Record the X-Hold'em, X-Blackjack, and X-Hi/Lo market data to test strategies in order to beat the Betfair Exchange Games. Trial the software and record 100 games of data for FREE.

Current Number of users = 64


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Products in Development

Version 4.0

Version 4.0 will include X-Baccarat, and possibly X-Omaha Hi too! Expected to be released Autumn '08.

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Trade the Betfair Exchange Games with ease. The software provides one-click functionality, with automated, and fully customisable trading functions. 'Trader-Bot Basic', a FREE version, is expected to be released Winter '08.

The Trader-Bot is currently in development. View the latest screenshot.

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